The Wants & Needs Game

Whether you are 7, 27 or 67, one of the hardest money lessons is sorting wants from needs. Why not use the Wants & Needs game?

In a nutshell, players learn to quickly decide their best "want" or "need" from the cards they are dealt. Players then explain to the “judge,” who chooses the best answer. Another version assigns players different roles (parent, college student, mother) before getting wants and needs cards.

Fun and fast-moving, three game versions.
Great for classrooms!
This is a highly interactive small group activity or kitchen table game.
Developers: Joanne and Chuck Kuster
Format: Playing cards
Cost: $11.95

How to use the Wants & Needs Game

NOTE: This game is only available via direct purchase from the publisher.
  • Play the game at family game night or prior to a big family purchase.
  • Play after a conflict where a child didn’t understand why he/she could not have something.
  • Teachers - Play this game in groups, as a class activity.